Where is LDL based?

LDL is a mobile service, our specialists come to you, which will save you the fuss of finding us,  if you would prefer to come to us, you will find us in Toorak, Melbourne. LDL services all of Australia, with clients flying in from W.A, QLD, S.A, N.T & N.S.W.

Who can wear LDL’s hair extensions?

Anyone can wear LDL’s hair extensions, so long as there natural hair is approx 2 inches long or longer.

I have trichotillomania can you help?

Yes, we can. Please call LDL on 0401 221 290 for a discreet consultation. LDL has worked with many clients who have trichotillomania and have successfully created amazing results.

Can you wear extensions for volume as opposed to length?

Of course you can, upon consultation we will custom make the look that you desire, whether it be length or just some volume, our specialits can create your dream look.

Am I too old to wear hair extensions?

NO you are not, LDL has a range of clients from girls in there 20’s right up to beautiful women in there 70’s, all our clients love there stunning hair.

Will hair extensions ruin my natural hair?

No LDL pride themselves on keeping up with the most advanced installation methods. We do not use glues, tapes, bonds etc. Our methods are the safest in the country.

Will my hair still grow if I am wearing hair extensions?

Absolutely, in fact people that are wearing LDL’s hair extensions will notice that there hair grows longer than if they were not wearing extensions, the reason for this is the extension acts as a protection layer over the natural hair, stopping it breaking due to sleeping, brushing, wind and colouring.

Will people know I am wearing extensions?

Not if you do not want them to know, LDL uses only the highest quality uncoloured and unprocessed hair. LDL picks the exact match for your hair type, so that not even your friends will know.

Can i still wash my hair as usual?

Absolutely, the benefit of wearing 100 percent virgin hair is that you simply wash your hair like normal, you do not require special shampoo’s etc. LDL can recommend quality products for your own natural hair to have it be in optimum condition.

How long will my hair last?

LDL’s hair will last you a minimum of 1 year (Guaranteed), saving you money on buying silicone coated hair about every 3 months.

Does it hurt?

No, LDL’s installation method does not hurt, LDL’s extensions are so comfertable you will forget you are wearing them.

Can i still wear my hair up?

Absolutely! Every girl needs to put her hair up from time to time.

Can you see them?

No, you can not see them, when you book your consultation LDL will create and custom make your hair to custom fit your head to ensure they are positioned where as nobody can see them.

What is the maintenance involved?

Your LDL specialist will be able to give you an exact time frame to have your extensions lifted upon consultation, as a general your maintenance will be between 6 – 9 weeks, depending on the speed in which your hair grows.

What are the costs?

Book your free consultation today for full costings. For an estimate figure call LDL direct and speak to a specialist – 0401 221 290

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